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SMFS Statement on the University of Waterloo Attack

The Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship stands in solidarity with the University of Waterloo students, faculty, and staff impacted by the horrific stabbing that took place in a gender studies classroom. This action shocks with its violence, antithetical to the classroom’s work of critical and communal reflection. As scholars of gender and sexuality across history, we know too well how questioning the boundaries of these categories frequently instigates violence from those driven by hatred and misogyny. We send our strongest support to the Waterloo community, and we encourage all feminists, academics or not, to call attention to and condemn this latest act of gendered and anti-intellectual violence.

For those interested in continuing and expanding the vital work of teaching the rich and nuanced histories of how gender has been constructed and understood, we share here the following open-access collections:

The Public Medievalist: Gender, Sexism, and the Middle Ages

Texts and Teaching: Teaching Premodern Women and Gender

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