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SMFS Mentoring Exchange Deadline for Kzoo April 16

The Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship invites delegates of the May 2014 Kalamazoo medieval congress to participate in the Annual SMFS Mentoring Exchange.

Graduate students, independent scholars, junior and senior faculty members – anyone at any stage in his/her career is welcome to participate as either mentors or mentees (or both).

Deadline for exchange registration: April 16. Please email me at with the following information:

Name (First, Last)

2. Institutional affiliation (if any)

3. Current position (or most recent position/degree)

4. Email contact address

5. Academic field(s) of interest (i.e. English Literature, History, late-medieval France, manuscript studies, etc)

6. Whether you are interested in being a mentor, mentee, or both!

7. To meet someone in your own academic field.

8. For Mentees: What would you like to discuss? This information will help us make the best matches.

Please indicate your preferences, and their importance to you:

-To meet someone in your own academic field.
-To talk to someone about being a feminist scholar more generally.
-To discuss administration (eg chairing departments; running feminist/gender studies programs).
-To discuss administration (eg chairing departments; running feminist/gender studies programs).
-To meet someone in a different academic field or to develop interdisciplinary relationships.
-To meet another independent scholar.
-Job search strategies.
-To meet another junior professor about being new to that position.
-To discuss collaborative work practices (eg team-teaching; team-based research projects; initiating and producing a collection of essays).
-The balance between work and family.
-Publishing and editing.

Requirement: attendance at the 46th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI, May 8-11, 2014

The aim of the mentoring exchange is to bring people together at Kalamazoo. Relationships can continue after the Kalamazoo congress, but we stress that the congress itself is intended to be the main venue of the exchange.

We encourage people at ALL STAGES of academic life to consider participating in the exchange. The commitment of time and energy is small, but the rewards at both mentor and mentee level can be very rich indeed.

For more information on the Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship see . Please note that it is not necessary to be a member of SMFS in order to participate in the mentoring exchange (although we certainly encourage you to join – it is easy and worthwhile!).

Please email with any questions: