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SMFS Elections—Nominations Open

It is time to begin the process of our annual elections to the Advisory Board of the Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship. Here is a summary of elections-related activity occurring this year:

Executive Team:

Linda Mitchell, transitioning from President to Past President
Melissa Ridley Elmes, transitioning from Vice President to President


Beth Robertson, concluding her service in 2019

Advisory Board members concluding terms of service in 2019:

Erin Jordan
Roberta Magnani
Anneliese Pollock Renck
Samantha Katz Seal
Nicole Nolan Sidhu

Graduate Student Representative concluding term of service in 2019:

Marjorie Housley

The executive Team, on behalf of the Advisory Board and society membership, wishes to express our gratitude to these departing members of the ad board for your efforts in support of our organization’s many initiatives over the past several years. Thank you to all of you!

We will be electing the following positions in the 2018 elections:

  • 5 regular ad board members, for three-year terms (2020–2022)
  • 1 graduate student representative for a 3-year commitment (must be a graduate student at the time of election, but can roll into faculty or alt-ac during the 3-year service term; 2020–2022)
  • A Vice-President, for a period of 2 years (2020–2021) from there transitioning into the Presidency for two years (2022–2023)

Description of the office (from the by-laws): The Vice-President is elected by the general membership of the Society from among currently serving Advisory Board members or those who have served recently. They serve for one, two-year term and succeed the President. The assist the President with presidential duties and also serve ex officio on the Book/Article prize committee.

The call for nominations to these positions is now open, and will run through Friday, October 11

Nominations may be made by any current member of SMFS (now is a good time to renew your membership for 2020 if you have not already done so!) Candidates should be members of SMFS, or join SMFS prior to the election. Self-nominations are acceptable.

Please send your nomination(s) together with an email address for the nominee and a brief biographical/ candidate’s statement to Jonathan Hsy, elections officer:

Information about these positions, clarification about the process, and answers to questions about the elections can also be obtained by writing to Melissa Elmes at

2019 Elections timeframe:

October 1–11: Call for nominations to the ballot

October 16–25: voting period (all SMFS members with current membership during this voting period are eligible to vote)

November 1: Results announcement