Announcements and Statements

SMFS Election Results

Thanks very much to Jonathan Hsy, our elections officer, for a wonderful job coordinating the election process and ensuring a strong slate of candidates for our society membership to draw from, and to our treasurer Amy Vines for her work getting folks registered to the society so they could vote and troubleshooting those who had difficulty accessing the ballot.

The results of the election are:

New Advisory Board members:

Marjorie Housley
Shyama Rajendran

Graduate Student Representative:

Kersti Francis


Roberta Magnani

The advisory board wishes to extend a special thank you to everyone who submitted a candidate or agreed, themself, to be a candidate for the ballot. We are a volunteer advisory board overseeing a sizeable international membership in what we might characterize as “interesting times” for feminist initiatives and endeavors, and your willingness to offer this service to our society and to the field is both honored and appreciated.