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SMFS 2015 Foremother’s Prize

The Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship is now accepting applications for the 2015 Foremother’s Prize for Graduate Students.

Funded through the generous gift of royalties from the editors and authors of the Oxford Handbook of Women and Gender in Medieval Europe (Judith Bennett and Ruth Mazzo Karras, eds.), the grant provides $2,000 for a graduate student to undertake a significant professional development initiative. The winner will be partnered with a senior medieval feminist scholar whose guidance and association can assist her in developing and executing the project.

Such projects might include:

• Travel to a conference relevant to medieval feminist scholarship, for instance, the annual Gender and Medieval Studies Conference in the U.K.
• Travel to visit archives, research libraries, museums, manuscript collections, or archeological or architectural sites
• Travel to conduct other forms of on-site research
• Development of a digital humanities project related to feminist research
• Organizing of a medieval feminist conference or colloquium
• Travel to allow sustained work with a mentor

SMFS is especially interested in assisting students whose projects are not otherwise funded. The winner must be willing to write a reflective report describing the outcome of the project that will appear on the SMFS public website.

Applicants should provide: a completed application form (to include existing funding sources and advisor signature), a 500-word description of the project including its scope and development, proposed timeline, and a potential budget.

Application Deadline: January 1, 2015
The winner will be announced by February 15, 2015

Please copy-and-paste the following form into a Word document and complete it, then email to Dr. Katie Keene,



SMFS Foremothers Prize 2015





Anticipated Degree and Date:

Academic status:
Funding sources:

Advisor’s name:
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