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new travel award: Trans* Travel Fund

The Trans* Travel Fund has been created by the Society of Medieval Feminist Scholarship for the purpose of supporting travel to medievalist conferences for those scholars who identify as trans*. For some, given recent legislation and political events, certain forms of travel present more risks due to the scrutiny of gender presentation they will encounter. For others, their own university may be reluctant to support their scholarship or provide suitable mentorship that they could find at a conference venue. The Trans* Travel Fund is funded by the sale of SMFS merchandise and private donations.

Each year, the fund will provide 2-3 award(s) of up to $250 to defray travel and/or housing expenses, so that valued members of our community can participate in annual gatherings of scholars in their profession. Those awarded the grant will also receive a year’s free membership in SMFS. Graduate students and contingent faculty will receive priority, but all scholars at any stage are welcome to apply.

Applicants should fill out the form provided in Awards on this site, and will need to include their paper abstract and a brief narrative (200-300 words) identifying their need for this funding. Membership in SMFS is not necessary to apply. Applications for Kalamazoo and Leeds are due January 5 and must include the accepted abstract; for GMS, regional, and disciplinary conferences by Sept 1 with a proposed or accepted abstract. Please send the completed form to Jes Boon,

If you wish to donate to the fund, please see the link at