Medieval Foremothers Society

Each year at Kalamazoo the Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship honors and celebrates the work of a recently retired scholar through sessions devoted to their interests and a luncheon. Honorees are inducted into the Medieval Foremothers’ Society, an SMFS initiative that recognizes those whose work forms the foundation of feminist scholarship today and ensures that our mission is passed on to the next generation of scholars.

Foremother Honorees:

2024 Monica H. Green
2023 Bonnie Wheeler
2021 Roberta Krueger
2020 Sharon Farmer
2019 Elizabeth Robertson
2018 Chris Africa
2017 Constance Berman
2016 E. Jane Burns
2015 Annemarie Weyl Carr
2014 Helen Damico
2013 Jane Chance
2012 E. Anne Matter
2011 Joan Ferrante
2010 Pamela Sheingorn
2009 Joan Cadden
2008 Susan Mosher Stuard
2006 Mary Martin McLaughlin (1919-2006)

Foremothers in Medieval Feminist Publishing: Jerry Singerman and Ruth Karras

The Medieval Foremothers Society is supported through The Foremothers Fund, which allows scholars to honor teachers, mentors, colleagues, and friends who have played an important role, not only in our own lives, but in bringing to light the lives of medieval people and issues. Contributions to The Foremothers Fund support the annual Foremother Fellowship, a monetary and mentoring award given each year to a graduate student. No gift is too small!

Alternately, checks may be sent to the address below. If your gift honors an individual please send an e-mail to Dr. Kersti Francis ( indicating the name of your honoree and whether or not you wish to remain anonymous.

Dr. Kersti Francis
Department of English
Boston University
236 Bay St Rd
Boston, MA 02215