Announcements and Statements

Conference: Nuns’ Literacies 2013

Nuns’ Literacies in Medieval Europe III

An international and interdisciplinary conference

Universiteit Antwerpen–Antwerp, Belgium

4-7 June 2013

A conference on ‘Nuns’ Literacies in Medieval Europe’ will take place at the Ruusbroec Institute of the Universiteit Antwerpen from 4–7 June 2013. It is designed to bring together specialists working on diverse geographical areas to create a dialogue about the Latin and vernacular texts nuns read, wrote, and exchanged, primarily from the eighth to the mid-sixteenth centuries. The closing date for registration is 1 May 2013. For further details, see or contact


Dr Patricia Stoop, Universiteit Antwerpen
Dr Virginia Blanton, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Dr Veronica O’Mara, University of Hull
Supporting organizers for the Antwerp conference: Youri Desplenter (Universiteit Gent) and Veerle Fraeters (Universiteit Antwerpen).