President (2018 and 2019): Linda Mitchell
Martha Jane Phillips Starr / Missouri Distinguished Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies and Professor of History
University of Missouri-Kansas City
Research interests: Medieval British Isles, esp. 1100-1500; Aristocratic women and families, esp. in the British Isles; Legal and administrative history in the Medieval British Isles; Feminist, Intersectional, and Postcolonial Theory.
Current Project: completing a manuscript tentatively entitled The Life of Joan de Valence which will be published by Palgrave Macmillan.
Vice-President (2018 and 2019): Melissa Ridley Elmes
Assistant Professor of English
Lindenwood University
Research interests: Literatures and cultures of the British Isles, including Old and Middle English, Anglo-Norman, Welsh, and Old Norse; Arthuriana; violence; feasts and feasting; women and gender
Recent publications: “Public Displays of Affliction: Women’s Wounds in Sir Thomas Malory’s Morte Darthur,” Modern Philology 116.3 (2019), 187-210; “Compassion and Benignytee: A Reassessment of the Relationship Between Canacee and the Falcon in Chaucer’s Squire’s Tale.Medieval Feminist Forum 54.1 (2018), 50-64; “Conduct and Character: The Overlooked Importance of Feast Scenes in The Geste of Robyn Hood,” Medieval Perspectives 31 (2017), 25-36 2016), 19-30; Melusine’s Footprint: Tracing the Legacy of a Medieval Myth (with Misty Urban and Deva Kemmis, Brill, 2017); “He Dreams of Dragons: Alchemical Imagery in the Medieval Dream Visions of King Arthur.” Arthuriana 27.1 (Spring 2017).
Current projects: Negotiating Violence at the Feast in Medieval British Texts (monograph in progress); Violence and the Feast in Arthurian Literature (monograph in progress); Teaching Celtic Literature in the Generalist Classroom (ed. with Mathieu Boyd); Food and Feast in Premodern Outlaw Texts (ed. with Kristin Bovaird-Abbo), essays on treason in Malory, female friendship in Chaucer, and feasts in devotional and mystical texts.
Secretary (2011-2018): Dorothy Kim (through mid-summer 2018)/ Nicole Nolan Sidhu
Associate Professor of English
East Carolina University
Recent Publications: Indecent Exposure: Gender, Politics and Obscene Comedy in Middle English Literature (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2016)
Treasurer & Membership Coordinator (2018-2024): Amy Vines
Associate Professor of English
Director of Undergraduate Studies
University of North Carolina – Greensboro
Research Interests: literature and culture of fourteenth- and fifteenth-century England, with concentrations in women’s readership, textual studies, patronage, and medieval romance.
Recent Publications:Who-so wylle of nurtur lere: Domestic Capabilities in the Middle English Emare, The Chaucer Review, 53.1 (January 2018), pp. 82-101; Invisible Woman: Rape as a Chivalric Necessity in Medieval Romance, Sexual Culture in Medieval Britain, ed. Amanda Hopkins, Robert Rouse, and Cory James Rushton (Cambridge: D.S. Brewer, 2014), pp. 133-147; The Rehabilitation of Patronage in Hoccleves Series, Digital Philology: A Journal of Medieval Cultures 2.2 (Fall 2012), pp. 201221; Women’s Power in Late Medieval Romance. (Cambridge: D.S. Brewer, 2011) ; “Fictions of Patronage: The Romance Heroine as Sponsor in John Metham’s Amoryus and CleopesJournal of the Early Book Society 13 (2010), pp. 139-168; “Lullaby as Lament: Learning to Mourn in Middle English Nativity Lyrics” in Laments for the Lost: Medieval Mourning and Elegy, Jane Tolmie and M. Jane Toswell, eds. (Turnhout, Belgium: Brepols, 2010), pp. 201-223.
Current projects: Chivalric Apocrypha: Alternate Constructions of Knighthood in Medieval Literature (monograph in progress); Wooing Women and Rape Culture in Medieval Romance (article in progress for edited collection).
Past-President (2016 & 2017): Liz Herbert McAvoy
Professor of Medieval English Literature
Swansea University, Wales
Research interests: medieval women’s literature, particularly from the 12th to the 15th centuries; medieval anchoritism and devotional texts; spaces of enclosure.
Recent publications: “‘O der lady, be my help’: Women’s Visionary Writing and the Devotional Literary Canon”, The Chaucer Review 51.1 (2016), Special Issue, Women’s Literary Culture and Late Medieval English Writing, ed. Liz Herbert McAvoy and Diane Watt: 68-87; “‘Flourish like a garden’: Pain, Purgatory and Salvation in the Writing of Medieval Religious Women”, Medieval Feminist Forum 50.1 (2014), Special Issue, The Medieval hortus conclusus: Revisiting the Pleasure Garden, ed. Liz Herbert McAvoy: 33-60.
Current projects: Principal Investigator on a two-year research project funded by the Leverhulme Trust entitled: “The Enclosed Garden: Pleasure, Contemplation and Cure in the hortus conclusus 1100-1450″; member of international research network funded by the Leverhulme Trust, Principal Investigator Diane Watt, ‘Women’s Literary Culture and the Medieval Canon.’
Wendy Hoofnagle
Past-President, SMFS (2011-2013)
Associate Professor of French
University of Northern Iowa
Recent publications: The Continuity of the Conquest: Charlemagne and Anglo-Norman Imperialism (Penn State University Press, 2016); “Technology in the University and the Death of Socrates” in Literature Compass 9.12 (December 2012), pp. 1010-1015.
Chris Africa
Librarian, University of Iowa
Jessica Boon
Associate Professor of Religious Studies and Adjunct Associate Professor of History
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Research interests: Medieval/Early Modern Christianity and late medieval/early modern Spain
Recent publication: The Mystical Science of the Soul: Medieval Cognition in Bernardino de Laredo’s Recollection Method. (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2012).
Jennifer Edwards
Associate Professor and Chair of History
Manhattan College
Research interests: history of monasticism; the cult of the saints; women, gender, and power; medieval France; medicine, healing, and disease.
Recent publications: “My Sister for Abbess: Fifteenth-Century Power Disputes over the Abbey of Sainte-Croix, Poitiers,” Journal of Medieval History 40. 1 (2014), pp. 85-107; “‘Man Can be Subject to Woman’: Female Monastic Authority in Fifteenth-Century Poitiers” Gender & History 25.1 (2013), pp. 86-106.
Current projects: monographs on “Superior Women: Medieval Female Authority in Poitiers’ Abbey of Sainte-Croix” and “Holy Healing: Saints and Urban Leprosaria in the Middle Ages”
Amy Vines
Associate Professor of English
Director of Undergraduate Studies
University of North Carolina – Greensboro
Research interests and publications: See above, “Treasurer and Membership Coordinator”
Melissa Ridley Elmes
Assistant Professor of English
Lindenwood University
Research and Publications: See above, “Vice-President”
Elizabeth Robertson, Founding Editor Representative (2017-2019)
Professor and Chair of English Language
University of Glasgow
Research Interests: Anglo-Saxon and Middle English literature; religion and gender in Anglo-Saxon and Middle English poetry; poetics; medieval Welsh poetry
Medieval and Early Modern Devotional Objects in Global Perspective: Translations of the Sacred (ed. with Jennifer Jahner, 2010); Early English Devotional Prose and the Female Audience (1990)
Bettina Bildhauer (2018-2020)
Professor of German Literature
University of Saint Andrews
Research interests:medieval German narrative literature, medievalism (especially in film), material things, gender, bodies, global Middle Ages
Selected publications: The Middle Ages in the Modern World, ed. Bettina Bildhauer and Chris Jones, (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017); Nibelungenfilme als Mittelalterfilme: Fritz Lang, Harald Reinl, Uli Edel, Quentin Tarantino und die Gegenwart vergangener Gewalttaten in Volker Gall (ed.), Vom finsteren zum bunten Mittelalter (Worms: WormsVerlag, 2017), pp. 7388
Current Project: The Untold Stories of Medieval Things (funded monograph project on material things as represented in Middle High German narratives and their global sources)
Jonathan Hsy (2018-2020)
Associate Professor of English
The George Washington University
Research interests:multilingualism and translation; disability history and cultural theory; adaptation and global medievalism; media studies and digital humanities
Selected publications:Thinking Across Tongues special issue of postmedieval (co-editor with Mary Kate Hurley and A.B. Kraebel, 2017), Ability/Disability: The Monks Tale (Open Access Companion to The Canterbury Tales, 2017); Disability (Cambridge Companion to the Body in Literature, 2015); Trading Tongues: Merchants, Multilingualism, and Medieval Literature (Ohio State UP, 2013); various essays in Accessus, Early Modern Women Journal, postmedieval, and PMLA
Current Projects: Co-director (with Candace Barrington), Global Chaucers (forthcoming essay collection in Literature Compass); co-editor (with Tory Vandeventer Pearman and Joshua R. Eyler), Cultural History of Disability in the Middle Ages; monograph on disability and life-writing in late-medieval culture
Erin L. Jordan (2017-2019)
Associate Professor
Old Dominion University
Research interests: Gender, monasticism, political culture, environmental history; Central Middle Ages, Low Countries/Northern France, Latin East
Recent publications: “Hostage, Sister, Abbess: The Edgy Life of Iveta of Jerusalem,” forthcoming, Medieval Prosopography; “Roving Nuns and Cistercian Realities: The Cloistering of Religious Women in the Thirteenth Century,” Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies, 42:3 (2012), 597-614, “Gender Concerns: Monks, Nuns and Patronage of the Cistercian Order in Thirteenth-Century Flanders and Hainaut,” Speculum, 87:1 (2012), 62-94, and “The Women of Antioch: Gender, Power and Political Culture in the Latin East” (in progress).
Roberta Magnani (2017-2019)
Kathryn Maude (2019-2021)
Assistant Professor of Women and Gender Studies at the American University in Beirut
Janine Larmon Peterson (2018-2020)
Associate Professor of History and Coordinator of Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Marist College
Research interests: Gender, cultural and religious history of late medieval Italy, cultural interaction in the Mediterranean basin
Recent publications: Visions, Inquisitors, and Challenges to Christian Doctrine in the Later Middle Ages, English Language Notes 56 (forthcoming 2018); See What is Beneath Your Clothes: The Spectacle of Public Female Dissections in Early Modern Europe, in Gender Scripts in Medicine and Narrative, eds. Angela Laflen and Marcelline Block, 2-31 (Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2010); Holy Heretics in Later Medieval Italy, Past and Present 204 (2009): 3-31; monograph, Disputed Sanctity: Popes, Inquisitors, Communities, and Contestation in Late Medieval Italy (under review); article, Women, Power, and Religious Dissent: Why Women Never Became Heresiarchs, for Between Orders and Heresy: Rethinking Medieval Religious Movements, eds. Anne E. Lester and Jennifer Kolpacoff Deane (under review).
Current Projects: Article, Healing the Social Body: Female Saints and Civic Participation in Late Medieval Italy (in progress); monograph, The Supernatural and the Female Body in the Middle Ages (in progress).
Nicole Lopez-Jantzen (2019-2021)
History, CUNY Borough of Manhattan Community College
Anneliese Pollock Renck (2017-2019)
Assistant Professor
Carroll College
Samantha Katz Seal (2017-2019)
Assistant Professor, University of New Hampshire
Research interests: Chaucer, Middle English literature, Gender, Reproduction, Medieval Bodies, Judaism, Disability Studies
Recent Publications: “Reading Like a Jew: The Physicians Tale and the Letter of the Law,” The Chaucer Review 52.3, forthcoming July 2017; “The Canon Yeomans Tale: Invention, Discovery, Problem-Solving, and Innovation,” The Open Access Companion to The Canterbury Tales; “Pregnant Desire: Eyes and Appetites in The Merchants Tale,” The Chaucer Review 48.3 (January 2014), 284-306.; “Miraculous History: Fictions of Text and Body in a Ritual Murder Trial,” Religion & Literature 44.1 (Spring, 2012)
Current Projects: Monograph, “Father Chaucer: Generating Authority in The Canterbury Tales”
Nicole Nolan Sidhu (2017-2019)
See “Secretary,” above.
Marjorie Housley (2017-2019)
Research Interests: early medieval vernacular literature; queer theory; affect theory; history of the emotions.
Forthcoming Publications: The Noble Way You Blushed: Queering Mourning Verse in the Ulster Cycle, in Knowing Sorrow: Grief, Gender, and Identity in the Middle Ages, ed. Lee Templeton (Leiden: Brill).
Dissertation: “Gender, Emotion, and Erotics in Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, and Norse Heroic Literature”
Jenny C. Bledsoe(2018-2020)
PhD Candidate in English
Emory University
Research interests: religious literature, including saints’ lives and sermons; Early Middle English; manuscript studies
Recent/forthcoming publications: Sympathy for the Demon: Affective Instruction in the Katherine Group, New Medieval Literatures 18 (forthcoming 2018); Women’s Work and Men’s Devotions: Fabrics of the Passion in O Vernicle, Medieval Feminist Forum (accepted and under review for special issue, ed. Irina Dumitrescu); Materially-Engaged Reading in the Writing Classroom, Pedagogy: Critical Approaches to Teaching Literature, Language, Composition, and Culture 19.1 (forthcoming Winter 2019).
Dissertation: “The Katherine Group and the Construction of Medieval Literary History” examines the early thirteenth-century Katherine Group, its manuscript context, and reception history through a feminist lens.
Rebecca (Becky) Straple (2019-2021)
PhD Candidate in English, Western Michigan University