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SMFS promotes the study of the Patristic Age, the Middle Ages, and the Early Modern era from the perspective of gender studies, women's studies, and feminist studies. It actively promotes and supports interdisciplinary exchanges at all levels of higher education across the world. Members represent every continent and every academic discipline within the arts & humanities.

"One of the great sea changes in medieval spirituality, and one especially portentous for this study, was when women who were not virgins began to lay claim to this title. Despite these competing claims, however, the female virgin would always take pride of place as Christ's bride. She remained for the Christian community something of  a living allegory, inhabiting two realms simultaneously, and was socially construed as such. The bride [...] on the verge of carnal marriage, inhabited this symbolic zone very briefly; for the consecrated virgin, however, it was home."Dyan Elliott, The Bride of Christ Goes to Hell: Metaphor and Embodiment in the Lives of Pious Women, 200-1500 (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2012), p. 3.