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SMFS promotes the study of the Patristic Age, the Middle Ages, and the Early Modern era from the perspective of gender studies, women's studies, and feminist studies. It actively promotes and supports interdisciplinary exchanges at all levels of higher education across the world. Members represent every continent and every academic discipline within the arts & humanities.

"But how does studying the medieval period assist in understanding the violence today..? ¬†Violence, then, as now, was used as an index of acceptable behaviour, and written up accordingly - learning to read through these reports of supposedly barbaric medieval violence, and realizing that violent episodes were as much a discourse of authority as a mirror on reality, may enable a more critical reading of modern press accounts with their own agendas. Medieval authors, too, condemned excessive brutality. Offering a context and historical background to such episodes exposes the illegitimacy of hiding behind the 'traditional' label." Patricia Skinner, 'The Gendered Nose and its Lack: "Medieval" Nose-Cutting and its Modern Manifestations',¬†Journal of Women's History 26.1 (Spring 2014), pp. 45-67 (p. 59).