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SMFS promotes the study of the Patristic Age, the Middle Ages, and the Early Modern era from the perspective of gender studies, women's studies, and feminist studies. It actively promotes and supports interdisciplinary exchanges at all levels of higher education across the world. Members represent every continent and every academic discipline within the arts & humanities.

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Alexandra M. Locking wins 2014 SMFS Graduate Student Essay Prize
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Medieval Feminist Wikipedia Write-In #medievalwiki #Kzoo2014: Why Individual Medievalists Should Think About Encyclopedic Data
"For millennia, we have passed down knowledge through story and song . . .  Our brains are organized by narrative and image. After I joined the ranks of traveling organizers - which just means being an entrepreneur of social change - I discovered the magic of people telling their own stories to groups of strangers. It's as if attentive people create a magnetic force field for stories the tellers themselves didn't know they had within them. Also, one of the simplest paths to deep change is for the less powerful to speak as much as they listen, and for the more powerful to listen as much as they speak." Gloria Steinem, My Life on the Road (2015), pp. xxii-xxiii.